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Want to know Joy Quest Education Centre better?

Elliot Koh - Victoria School, Sec 2 Math and Science Student (2015)

He is a really amazing tuition teacher who has helped me over the course of 4 years :) I even have 100 for math and 84.1 for Physics. That is an improvement from A2 for both subjects! Thanks Mr. Patrick!

Russell Leung - Maris Stella High, Sec 4 Physics Student (2014)

Mr Patrick is a helpful teacher who cares for students in class and outside of class. He communicates well with students and gives students an optimistic attitude for learning. He will not frown upon weaker students and will try his best to help them. Mr Patrick makes physics enjoyable and allows student to learn than just study. He injects fun into the class while still teaching proficiently.

Sean Cheng - Maris Stella High, Sec 4 Physics Student (2014)

Mr. Patrick, thanks for helping me in my physics managed to get an A2 for Os from F9 in prelim 1!

Kevin Lee - Kuo Chuan Secondary, Sec 4 Physics Student (2013)

Very friendly, out going and approachable ! Always telling stories or jokes to make lessons even more interesting and enjoyable. Always ready to answer our questions and clear our doubts as physics is so simple! And always motivating us and helping us score well!​

Dillon Toh - Presbyterian High, Sec 4 Physics Student (2013)

You somehow made Physics, one of my weakest subjects, into one of the most interesting subjects I have ever taken (:
I really owe it to you for making it fun and relatively easy to score!​

Yap Bao Cai - Deyi Secondary, Sec 5 Math Student (2013)

Patrick is one of the greatest teacher/friend I met in my life. Always willing to help and most importantly he is approachable.​

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