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Number Sense and Visualisation

Discourage the use of calculator unless necessary.

Some may disagree with this, but JQ Education strongly believes that mental calculations strengthen the capability in widening thinking processes. By encouraging the use of mental calculations, the student's brain will be forced to think and try to draw links to simplify complicated sums. As such, the students will experience vigorous brain activities which excites their neurons in establishing and transimitting nerve impulses and thinking paths. With an increased in the number of paths being formed in a brain, it will enhance the student's capability in solving various types of questions.

3D Models

3D trigonometry is a commonly challenging topic to most students who are weak in visualisation. To overcome this issue, 3D models will be set up to assist the students to visualise 3D figures.  This will train their visualisation ability and hence, equipped them with the capability to visual and solve real life problems through modelling process. This is utmost important mathematical concept as it helps to conceptualise a particular situation and allow one to simplify to a solution. 

Examination Techniques

In a research conducted by UK shows that teachers are biased in marking. It is inevitable as human generally make their judgements both logically and emotionally. Due to the nature of Physics, explanation questions are mandatory  and the way a student answer are often judged by the marker. Hence, it is very important for students to present their answers in the most professional manner. JQ Education has vast experience with various schools' and GCE 'O' level marking schemes and trains her students promptly to tackle their examinations.   

Area of focus

  • Handwriting  

  • Presentation of workings

  • Answering template

  • Accuracy of answers
    (i.e. number of significant figures/decimal places)

  • Identification of strong and weak topics

  • Strategies in achieving the maximum marks in an examination

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