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Mr. Patrick           Li
What makes me different?


- Vast teaching experience (> 10 years). Strongly believes in passion and experience hit harder than qualifications. 


- Strongly believes in building a strong rapport with students, hence built a lot of valuable and long lasting student-teacher relationships. 


- A real life example to motivate and inspire students from all walks of life as I come from a humble background of scoring 199 in PSLE and ended my education life with an Engineering Honours Degree from National University of Singapore. 


- Coming from a background of specialised engineering degree allowed me to expose the students to modern technology applications, such as wireless charging and solar panels, through the teaching of physics. The Engineering curriculum has exposed me to various tools, such as the use of breadboard, for teaching. With a strong technical background, I am able to draw the strong correlation between Physics and Mathematics.


- I focus on the students' presentation of answers, streamlined thinking processes to minimise their effort with the maximum return of marks.


- My commitment to my students is ranked at the utmost priority. They are able to contact me through various means (such as WhatsApp/SMS/email/phone call) to clear their doubts out of class.


- Emphasise the idea of good quality work than quantity work. As such, I usually give only key concept questions that are necessary for complete understanding of a topic.Through this manner, I want to instil a strong mentality in them that no matter what assignment they encounter in life, they should always give in their maximum effort to achieve the best result that they can have. 


- teaching is about understanding the teenagers and making positive transformations in their lives by honing their critical thinking skills and character.


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