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Preparation for Mid-year Examination 2016

Dear Parents,

To prepare your child for the upcoming Mid-year Examination, Joy Quest Education Centre (JQEC) has planned out a programme for your child. To cultivate the spirit and mentality of "Enjoy the Quest of Learning Excellence", JQEC will shift one lesson each from the month of May and June up to March and April respectively, so as to give the students a break after the hectic preparation for their examainations. In addition, JQEC will set her own Mid-year Examination papers and reward her students who have performed exceptionally well.


As shown from the table above, the lesson(s) from

1. the week of 9th June - 17th June will be shifted to the week of 11th April - 17th April.

2. the week of 16th May - 22nd May will be shifted to the week of 14th March - 20th March (March Holidays).


Due to the shifting of lessons, the tuition fees for the month of April and March will be slightly higher. However, the tuition fees for the month of May and June will be lower. As such, the total tuition fees will be incurred from the month of March to June will be remain unchanged.

Mid-year Examination

The objectives of this Mid-year examination are as follows:

1. To establish a healthy competition among their peers.

2. Seek for a better understanding towards 'O' level marking scheme, which will gear them towards achieving their desired grades.

3. To enhance student's capability on examination techniques, stress and time management.

The details for the Mid Year Examination are as follows:

Minimium class size required: 4 students.

Format: Structured questions for both Science and Mathematics papers.

Duration: 1 hour 45 mins.

Date: It will be arranged on the week of 18th April - 24th April 2016.

JQEC has decided to give out incentives to students who have shown outstanding performance and attitude in this Mid-year examination. The details are as follows:

The reward will be given out in the form of a crossed cheque tagged to the name of the student.

To achieve the objectives of this examination, JQEC sincerely seeks for your support in encouraging and motivating your child in placing high priority on this Mid-year examination.

Should you have any query, please feel free to contact Mr. Patrick at 96377967. Thank you.

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